What is so special about Unbeaten Japan

Over 25 years of personal experience has led to the development of Unbeaten Japan.

We do not select our destinations based on fame or popularity. Many of our destinations indeed are too unique for ‘regular’ tour operators and therefore simply can not be beat. Our rates are far more reasonable than any other tour operator that offers similar kinds of experiences and we remain unbeaten in this regard as well. We are not just a ‘business’ — this is our life & our lifestyle. Won’t you join us?

We coordinate & cooperate with established providers of fun & adventure in the local areas. Canyoning, shower climbing, canoeing, rafting. Snorkeling, scuba diving, paragliding. If we don’t do it ourselves, then we will do our best to get you connected with the people who do.

We have cultivated relationships with mom & pop establishments to ensure that much of the financial benefit stays within the community. Local shops, restaurants, campgrounds & Japanese style inns will welcome you gladly. We will act as interpreters for smooth communication.

Who we are


  • Originally from the US
  • Resides in Osaka (since 1991)
  • Hosts international visitors (since 1999)
  • Organizes camping tours (since 1999)

Lou (Liu)

  • Originally from Anshan China
  • Resides in Japan (since 2004)

Contact Us

Unbeaten Japan

京都知事登録旅行業第 3-704
Travel Industry Reg. No. 3-704

Email: info@unbeatenjapan.com
SMS: +81-90-3598-7599 (Any language)
SMS: +81-80-5564-9170 (Chinese/Japanese)